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Jewelry for men
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Bracelet for modern men

Bracelets for men is a natural part of man's fashion and at Marjoe we have a great selection. We have shared our main bracelet into many different categories but on this page you can see most of the types. - All our mens bracelets are very reasonably priced and follows current trends. Browse all our cool fashion bracelets here and find your personal favorite. You always get free delivery with Marjoe.

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How to measure the length of the wrist:

If you are unsure of how to measure the length of the wrist, this is a guideline. You measure your wrist tightly, and add 1.5 to 2 cm. It is a good guideline for what size you should choose.

Note that many of the bracelets at Marjoe can be made smaller and larger depending on how you tighten it. So even though several of the types are one-size they will fit the most people.

The very modern men's bracelet

Men's Bracelet is a simple jewelry for men which expresses your style and fashion consciousness and that you have an understanding of current trends in the fashion industry. Leather Bracelets and bracelet in stainless steel have become really fashionable for real men. We see that several celebrities have started wearing men's bracelets with beautiful and masculine designs and they are happy to show them off on the red carpet . Especially the leather bracelet has got a huge boost in recent years.

This type of bracelet is, in a sense, one of the most common and best-known men's jewelry that exists. They have been around for hundreds of years and have their roots far back in history. Leather bracelets was then a symbol of power and great skills. They have now become more detailed and beautiful as the jewelry designers have become better and manage to combine the masculine and male expression with a stylish design. Bracelets in stainless steel have also been quite interesting among fashion conscious men. In combination with a sleek watch, they can help to raise your style level on the fashion stairs.

The bracelets many meanings

A bracelet can have many meanings. Throughout history it has been used as a status symbol and it has had a religious significance in certain cultures. The first bracelet is believed to be a link between the Stone Age and have since gone through a great development. There was then a tendency that it was worn higher up on the arm than we know it today. The bracelet has in the Western world only had one primary purpose: to be a decoration object.